Star Wars Theatrical Cuts On Blu-ray?

Occasionally there have been rumors that the classic “Star Wars” trilogy would see its original theatrical cuts come to Blu-ray. So far none of those have panned out.

The newest incarnation of the rumor emerged today though from an unlikely source – “Animal House” director John Landis. Landis apparently appeared at a recent Halloween Horror Nights Q&A and Empire Magazine posted the following tweets from the panel:

The rumor hasn’t been officially confirmed, and there’s the rights issues with the film as 20th Century Fox remains owner of the original 1977 “Star Wars” film “in perpetuity in all media worldwide”.

Even so, this isn’t some random unnamed source – this is a proper and well-known filmmaker who has no reason to make up the news. Is there any truth? Wait and see for now.

Source: Cinema Blend