“Star Wars: The Old Republic” Netflix Series Petition

An unexpected release this week was the six-minute trailer for the “Star Wars: The Old Republic” video game expansion pack ‘Knights of the Eternal Throne’.

Video games from ‘Knights of the Old Republic’ to ‘The Force Unleashed’ have long shown the potential of what stories you can do in the “Star Wars” universe outside of the Skywalker saga, and with the release of ‘Rogue One’ in December the films are finally going to explore some of that.

Today, a new petition from Change.org has gone up with a group of “Star Wars” fans asking that Disney and Lucasfilm turn “Star Wars: The Old Republic” into a TV series on Netflix.

Both that MMORPG title and the “Star Was: Knights of the Old Republic” games are set three millennia before the events of “Star Wars,” and the petition asks Netflix tackle the material in the way they’ve tackled the Marvel series – namely dark, foreboding, and for more mature audiences as opposed to the kid-centric ‘Rebels’ and the more all audience-targeted films.

Will it happen? Disney and Lucasfilm already have the franchise mapped out for coming years, and even though there have been talks with ABC and Lucasfilm about a new series – the network has indicated that won’t happen anytime soon.