Star Wars Ten Film Rumor, “Rogue” Droid Talk

Earlier this week doing promotional rounds for “10 Cloverfield Lane,” producer J.J. Abrams was asked by British tabloid The Sun about the future of “Star Wars” to which he responded: “There are some really cool things being discussed. It is very exciting to see how it is being put together.”

The paper has now taken that, and quotes from an unnamed source, to run with the story that Disney and Lucasfilm execs are currently discussing plans for at least five more “Star Wars” films after 2019 – a deal which would include two more ‘episodes’ and three more ‘A Star Wars Story’ spin-off features – bringing the total to ten.

There’s no confirmation on this so take that as a big fat bit of speculation. Meanwhile Making Star Wars has turned its attention towards the far more immediate “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” due out this year and have reportedly seen what one key character – a droid- will look like.

Alan Tudyk voices the character, currently only know by the code name Seal Droid, is reportedly a former Imperial droid who was captured and reprogrammed to help the Rebellion. The droid is described as “looking like an evolution of the design of the Super Battle Droid from the prequel trilogy” in terms of the body, while the head is “the droid love child of the Iron Giant and Jabba’s Palace droid EV-9D9”.