“Star Wars” Teases Lucas Ideas & Death Star?

Filming is continuing on the young “Han Solo” film at Disney and Lucasfilm with director Ron Howard using Twitter to reveal another photo from the set – this one a nod of the hat to the baddies with the tag ‘The Empire Looms Large’

What’s surprising is that the helmet pictured is very much like the ones originally worn by Death Star soldiers in the first “Star Wars” film. This has led to speculation on social media that the Death Star will, yet again, appear in a “Star Wars” movie. On the other hand it could be a clever bit of misdirection on Howard’s part.

The photo comes as producer Kathleen Kennedy said to EW this week that franchise creator George Lucas hasn’t entirely washed his hands of “Star Wars” just yet, reportedly offering advice every now and then:

“He’ll whisper in my ear every now and then. Usually, it’s something specific or important to him about Jedi training. Things like that.”

The “Han Solo” movie is scheduled to be released on May 25th 2018.