Star Wars Spin-Off Follows Some Pirates?

More rumors about Gareth Edwards’ 2016 “Star Wars” spin-off film have arrived via Bad Ass Digest following reports a few days ago about Aaron Paul’s potential casting in the film.

A while back rumors suggested the film will feature a team of bounty hunters and include a young Han Solo. Then came further and more reliable rumors that suggested the spinoff will focus on a team of bounty hunters hired by the Rebels to steal the plans of the first Death Star, as a result the Millennium Falcon factored into the movie.

Sources for B.A.D. now suggests that the film: “is about a group of ‘pirates’ as opposed to ‘bounty hunters,’ which could easily include young Mr. Solo.” So rather than the sinister group of characters like those glimpsed in “The Empire Strikes Back,” we’d follow a team of likable rogues akin to Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”.