Star Wars Set Pics Shoot Down Rumors?

Rumors regarding “Star Wars: Episode VII” have been as elaborate as they have been prolific. Spoilers seem to be dropping left and right from sources and sites – some reliable, some… not so much.


This week, two very blurry set photos may have shot down two of the longer running ones. You see both actors Adam Driver and Gwendoline Christie have been rumored for villain roles. Both have been suggested for Sith lords, while Christie has also been suggested as a possible Imperial officer.

Click Here to see the photos.

The photos on the other hand paint a different story. Posted originally on a Facebook page and then Star Wars 7 News, the shots were taken from the Greenham Common set in the U.K. and appear to showcase Driver in an X-Wing pilot uniform along with Christie and others in dressed down civilian garb.

It doesn’t necessarily rule out some of the original rumors, but it does emphasise that one should take everything that has been rumored so far as just that – rumor.