“Star Wars” Series Set 7 Years Post-“Jedi”

Filmmaker Jon Favreau is joining the “Star Wars” universe soon with his involvement in a new live-action “Star Wars” series for Disney’s upcoming streaming service. The announcement came a while back, but there were zero details regarding what the series would actually be about.

Now finally, Favreau himself has spoken with The Nerdist at the “Solo: A Star Wars Story” premiere the other night and revealed that the series would be set roughly seven years after the battle of Endor in “Return of the Jedi”.

That’s six years after the New Republic is officially founded and a time when it was at its height and the First Order, hiding in the Unknown Regions, is in its earliest days. Essentially it will be at a time when the galaxy is in the midst of a period of peace.

The series, which will focus on all new characters, is expected to use similar CG animation work that Favreau used in Disney’s “Jungle Book” reboot. It will exclusively hit Disney’s new streaming service sometime in 2019.