Star Wars: Rogue One Is Already Filming?

Two reports have emerged this week suggesting that filming is already underway at London’s Pinewood Studios on “Star Wars: Rogue One,” the upcoming first of the “Star Wars Anthology” films that will be released between the upcoming episodic entries in the series.

A production start date has yet to be confirmed for the film, but SW Aficionado claims that filming has been under way for the past three weeks with a ‘massive air/ground bombardment’ currently being done along with a major action sequence involving Felicity Jones’ character.

There’s also at least one scene aboard the Death Star with the production redressing sets from ‘Force Awakens’ to show off new areas of the Battle Station. Meanwhile Making Star Wars reports that several trees have been brought into the studio for a scene involving a ship’s landing in the jungle. There has also reportedly been some second unit shooting involving Star Destroyers and other ships.

“Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One” hits cinemas December 16th 2016.