Star Wars: Rogue One Art Evokes “Halo”

Along with the announcement of the “Star Wars: Rogue One” title for Gareth Edwards’ spin-off film based on the franchise, yesterday’s Disney shareholders meeting also included the first piece of concept art for the film.

Whilst that art has not gone online, a description has and suggests this won’t be about a an X-wing squadron as the title suggests. Instead, Slashfilm has posted a description which is said to be akin to something you’d see in “Halo” – namely a band of space soldiers on a mission.

Said art was apparently dark and gritty, and showed dozens of masked and armored, soldier-like persons on the ground with two to three ships in the background and with dark and green tones to it to suggest the scene takes place at night and involves these soldiers storming somewhere.

Felicity Jones leads the cast of the film which opens December 16th 2016.