Star Wars Returning To Skelling Michael?

As we head into the holiday weekend, Latino Review has posted a new report about “Star Wars: Episode VII” with a couple of bits of information and some major speculation that veers into MAJOR SPOILER territory if true.

There are two seemingly solid parts to the story. First up, they say Domhnall Gleeson is NOT playing Luke Skywalker’s son. They don’t know who he’s playing, but they’re certain it’s not a Skywalker.

The other is that filming is set to return to the island of Skelling Michael in Ireland in November with local vendors already contracted out. Scenes were filmed on the island last month and involved Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley’s characters. If the production crew is returning in November, the scenery will look decidedly different which would indicate we’re going to see the passage of time at this location.


After that comes the rumors and speculative bits. They hear that Skelling Michael Island will serve as the location for the Sith Homeworld, which was called Korriban in the previous expanded lore (no word on what the film will call it).

The location of course is where Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker has been held captive. In fact they say he was taken shortly after ‘Return of the Jedi’ which is why Gleeson isn’t his son as Luke has no children. They also add something else:

“We know that the Sith Homeworld was in the re-tooled Michael Ardnt draft of the script, so this next part might be old info we’re getting pushed back at us, but: Skelling Michael Island is the Sith Homeworld, the stone hut ruins on that island are a control center and the planet itself is somehow the weapon. That’s no moon! That’s no planet! MASSIVE BAD THINGS.”

How much of this will pan out? We’ll find out next year when the movie hits cinemas Christmas 2015.