Star Wars: Rebels Season 2 Trailer

Despite being part of canon, there’s not a huge interest in the animated “Star Wars Rebels” series.

It’s surprising really – reviews for the show were quite good, and the show’s ratings are fairly solid, but the show hasn’t been discussed in the zeitgeist the way you would think it would. Those involved though are getting another chance to hook you in with the Disney XD show’s second season.

Appearing at a panel for the show at “Star Wars Celebration” over the weekend, producer Simon Kinberg confirmed that James Earl Jones will return to voice Darth Vader throughout ‘Rebels’.

He also says the new season is bigger and with higher stakes. He tells Collider: “The story gets bigger, the stakes get higher as it should. I feel like we’re moving into our ‘Empire Strikes Back’ era for the characters – where they’re really challenged. The first year was ‘A New Hope’. Now all these characters have to go through different trials.”

The first trailer for the new season screened at the panel as well, and you can check that out below.