Star Wars: Rebels Characters Go Live-Action?

Though the animated “Star Wars: Rebels” series is set between the prequel and original trilogies, there’s been hope that at least one or more of these characters might pop up somewhere in the live-action movies. ‘Rebels’ is an official part of the canon now, so logically it could happen.

Recently, producers Simon Kinberg and Dave Filoni spoke with Slashfilm about that possibility. Kinberg replied:

“Absolutely there’s been conversation about it. That this story could be a story that crosses over into other films, whether it’s A New Hope or other movies. And that movies could potentially even enter into our timeline and our moment.

It’s a big galaxy. So, you know, things are happening all over the place that don’t necessarily have to react to each other, the way we react to news around the world. We never meet the Chilean miners that are trapped in that mine. We know about it and the world reacts to it. So each of the different stories has to acknowledge the reality of what’s ever happening in that moment in time.

When Filoni was asked the question, he said:

“I would never say never to that. I mean, now that Lucasfilm is so integrated in story from top to bottom in all different forms of media, we already have had our characters cross over into novels. We’re gonna have our crossover into comic books. I would say it’s entirely possible. And I would encourage it.

I’ve talked to the creators of the other films going on and, you know, I’ve always made it clear if you want somebody, just let me know. They can jump over there. I don’t care. I’m all for it. Because I think it makes the experience for fans so much stronger. And what a moment it would be to see some of these animated characters up there live on the screen. It would be great for me too.”

Could Ezra, Hera, Kana or one of the others pop up in one of the spin-off films such as “Star Wars: Rogue One” which is set pretty close to the time of ‘Rebels’ anyway? We’ll find out at a later date.