Star Wars Gets 3D Re-Releases

George Lucas is reportedly set on re-releasing all six films in the “Star Wars” franchise with new 3D conversions in 2012 says the trades.

Fox will release the 3D versions starting early 2012 with “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace”. Each subsequent film will be released annually around the same date over consecutive years.

Lucasfilm is taking at least a full year with each conversion and will use several higher-end conversion houses to work on the project. The reason for the 2012 release of the first film is that Lucas is waiting for enough 3D screens being available to create a ‘huge event’.

Lucas purportedly is lining up the re-releases as a lead-in to the ultimate home-viewing experience as home 3D TV technology is being perfected in coming years. This won’t affect Lucas’ plans for a comprehensive 2D Blu-ray Disc set of the six films next year.