“Star Wars” Fans Trying To Remake “Last Jedi”

Filmmaker Rian Johnson has responded to a recently formed Twitter group calling themselves “Remake The Last Jedi” who have begun a campaign to remake Johnson’s divisive 2017 “Star Wars” entry.

Said group, who seem genuinely serious about their desire to remake the film into a version that is “as close to universally accepted as possible,” claim to have producers standing by who are interested in covering the budget. As of this writing, the site claims pledges from fans have raised a staggering $14.8 million – a long way from the $200 million budget of ‘The Last Jedi’ but a highly impressive number nonetheless.

In a further mission statement, the group outlined their goal: “This is a campaign to provide Disney an opportunity to course correct with the Star Wars franchise. The fans are completely divided and the core goal of Star Wars has been abandoned. The goal is to not make one half of the fandom happy over the other, it is to make a film that the fandom in general as a whole enjoys.”

This lead to Johnson posting on Twitter: “please please please please pleeeeeeeaaaase please actually happen please please please please please” following by a tweet with over a dozen hands clasped together in praise.

The story follows in the wake of a busy week on the “Star Wars” news front. Disney-owned ABC News has denied a report earlier this week which claimed that the various “Star Wars” spin-off films are on hold after the soft performance of “Solo”. They say multiple films are still moving forward, though Omega Underground says the young Obi-Wan film has legitimately stalled as Stephen Daldry left the project a while back.