Star Wars: Episode VII Sketch & Filming News

Design artist Tom Hodges reportedly said this week that he got a look at the new design of the Stormtroopers being utilised in the upcoming “Star Wars: Episode VII”. The design from the original trilogy has undergone some minor changes, though retains the feel of something Ralph McQuarrie had designed.

He couldn’t take a photo, so he decided to draw a picture of the new design and post that image to Instagram. LucasFilm and Disney apparently weren’t happy with that and so it’s gone, but due to the nature of the Internet the photo is still online and being spread around with JoBlo retaining a copy.

Meanwhile filming is slated to restart on “Star Wars: Episode VII” later this month following a brief two-week hiatus to allow Harrison Ford to recover from his broken leg injury that he sustained on set back in June.

Heat Vision reports that the actor appeared at “The Expendables 3” premiere in Los Angeles on Monday night and seemed to be in good health, but it’s unknown when he’ll be flying back to London to rejoin the production team.