Star Wars Comes To Disney Infinity, Oculus Rift?

First came Disney Infinity 1.0 with the assorted characters from Disney’s animated and live-action film vaults. Next month comes the release of Disney Infinity 2.0 which adds various Marvel superhero characters to its roster.

The inevitable question then arises, what about the studio’s other mega franchise – “Star Wars”. Will the world that George Lucas built be a part of an inevitable Disney Infinity 3.0?

Speaking with Newsarama, Avalanche Software CEO John Blackburn and Infinity executive producer John Vignocchi dropped big hints that not only will it happen, but it will likely be sometime next year.

The pair were teasing the interviewer about future developments for the game with Blackburn saying “I like your other tease better. We can talk about the future, but that’s far, far away” and Vignocchi adding “2015 is not so far, far away anymore, is it?” with the emphasis on the ‘far, far away’ wording – the same phrasing used at the start of every “Star Wars” film.

If it comes it will likely be in the latter part of the year as a cross-promotion with the theatrical release of “Star Wars: Episode VII”. Marvel is due to launch its own “Star Wars” line during the first three months of the year.

Speaking of video gaming and Star Wars, digital media control developer Sixense has posted a video demo of STEM, their new wireless motion system which works with the current DK2 version of the virtual reality system Oculus Rift.