Star Wars Canon Reset & Clone Wars

Leland Chee from Lucasfilm’s story group has revealed that his group will now have “a hand in all facets of Star Wars storytelling, including movies, TV, games and publishing.”

This means they will determine what “Star Wars” related material is part of the main universe’s ‘canon’ and what isn’t. Their mission statement going forward is to eliminate the hierarchy between the movies and spinoff material, in effect trying to create one cohesive canon across the entire franchise.

This differs from the previous three decades plus of the franchise’s existence where the movies were official canon while everything else, from games and TV series to comics and novels, was technically not – though even then there were differing levels of hierarchy.

Helping wrap up old canon, Dark Horse Comics has announced it will release a four-part comic miniseries adapting the screenplay for the unproduced series finale of the animated series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”.

Entitled “Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir,” the comic will adapt the teleplays for the final episode in which Darth Maul has returned.

Source: Heat Vision