Star Wars Canon, BB-8 Toys, Trailer Views

One of the less talked about but no less important panels of the Star Wars Celebration convention over the weekend was a panel held with the members of the Lucasfilm Story Group – a group of employees in charge of the new ‘Star Wars’ canon.

Created by President Kathleen Kennedy and headed up by Kiri Hart, these Lucasfilm employees have to make sure that not just the films but all the new tie-in media efforts including books, comics, TV shows, video games, etc. are all part of this new continuity and don’t contradict each other.

One interesting revelation though (via Slashfilm) is that while the Expanded Universe characters and stories have been wiped clean, there are plans to reboot or reintroduce characters from that world in the canon.

As ‘The Old Republic’ video games are set millennia before the original films, they’re presently working under the assumption that it is canon until it isn’t. For now, they don’t have plans to do stories set in that time period.

In related news, Gizmodo have posted up photos of a listing (now removed) from the Fat Brain Toys website for an official Sphero remote control BB-8 toy coming later this year with a listing price of $150.

This would seem to confirm comments from Disney CEO Bob Iger who has revealed in a New York Times piece that a working, apple-sized version of the loveable rolling droid from the trailers will be available at Christmas. Said version you will reportedly be able to control with your iPhone.

Finally today, the launch of the second trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” last week has wiped out several records. According to marketing firm Zefr, the preview has recorded over 64 million YouTube views in its first week of release.

That bests the original ‘Force Awakens’ teaser first-week total of 58.2 million views and the best first week of any movie trailer in 2014 or 2015. Counting non-YouTube views, Disney announced separately that the trailer recorded 88 million views in its first 24 hours.

Sources: Heat Vision