Star Wars Blu-ray Set Breaks Records

The fanboys may have gotten into a huge uproar over the further alterations made by George Lucas, but that didn’t stop either them or mainstream audiences from grabbing the recent Blu-ray release of the entire “Star Wars” saga on Blu-ray.

According to a press release, Fox and Lucasfilm have raked in $84 million globally from the nine-disc box-set since its launch on September 16th – selling over a million units with just over half (515,000) sold within North America. This makes it the number one pre-order and ‘catalog title’ since the launch of the Blu-ray format in 2006.

Despite the grumbles over the changes made not just before this edition but for earlier versions, reviews for the set were strong with the transfers for the classic trilogy and the final prequel ‘Revenge of the Sith’ scoring good marks. The transfer for the first prequel ‘The Phantom Menace’ however scored numerous criticisms.