Star Wars: Battlefront Sales Estimates Jump

One of the most anticipated games of this Fall has to be EA’s “Star Wars Battlefront” which last month had one of the most well publicised and successful open beta tests for any AAA video game title.

It was so successful in fact that the executives at EA are upping their sales estimates. In an earnings call from the company yesterday, the publisher said that they had originally expected 10 million copies to be sold by the close of the fiscal year. Now, the company’s CFO Blake Jorgensen says those estimates are too low:

“The open beta for Star Wars Battlefront was exceptionally well received by players. Consequently, we’re raising our unit forecast for sell-in during fiscal year 2016 to approximately 13 million units.”

Unlike some other titles from rival companies in the past year or so, be it Ubisoft’s “Assassin’s Creed: Unity” or Rocksteady’s “Batman: Arkham Knight,” the PR train for ‘Battlefront’ so far has been smooth sailing all the way with no reports of major glitches and a lot of interest being only stirred up further by the release of the new film “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” a month later.

The biggest selling multi-platform AAA title in recent years has been “Grand Theft Auto V” which sold 54 million copies. Recent entries in the “Call of Duty” franchise sell between 15-25 million each, and “Destiny” pulled in approximately 20 million players in its first full year of release. Most other games don’t come close in terms of sales, the aforementioned ‘Arkham Knight’ for example sold 5 million copies since its launch in June.

“Star Wars: Battlefront” is set to hit stores both physical and digital on November 17th.

Source: Game Informer