“Star Wars: Battlefront II” Advantages Will Cost

With the reboot of “Star Wars Battlefront” a few years ago, the game suffered from complaints about the notable lack of a single player campaign and that a bunch of access to key levels required paying through the nose for DLC.

That’s been resolved with the upcoming sequel which boasts both a single player storyline (albeit a short one), and the inclusion of all maps from the get go. Since the beta for the follow-up took place however, it looks like the reviews and discussion are focusing on a different flaw – microtransactions.

Specially EA has compensated for the lost DLC revenue by introducing a loot crate system which wasn’t active during the beta. Unlike most games though where such a system is relatively innocuous however, the crates here are said to have a meaningful impact on gameplay.

The progression system is moved through via the use of ‘Star Cards’ that provide certain bonuses in the multiplayer environment. This includes health bar bumps, faster cooldowns, tactical jammers, etc. and cards themselves are identified by different colored rarity levels.

These cards can be obtained by playing for a substantial amount of time to earn credits or to build them from parts earned or scavenged. However, the system is heavily designed to encourage people to skip those and pay extra real money to simply buy the advantages from the get go. This means those players who are time & cash poor are at a distinct disadvantage.

It has been calculated that players will have to play the game for at least forty hours to unlock certain characters including Darth Vader. After initial backlash, EA decided to remove their highest tier of cards from their loot crate system. They responded to the complaints on Reddit and in the process earned the honor of said response being the single most down voted Reddit comment in history.

‘Battlefront II’ officially releases on November 17th but it’s currently playable for EA and Origin Access members on Xbox One and PC respectively.

Source: Gamespot