Star Trek Teaser Details

The teaser trailer of J.J. Abrams reinvention of “Star Trek” was shown before the screening of “Cloverfield” last night for press here in Sydney, Australia and the description that first surfaced at HollywoodChicago is spot on accurate.

More of an early teaser than a true teaser trailer – ie. much like that first Batman exploding logo trailer for “The Dark Knight” – the short clip shows construction workers welding something big whilst excerpts from the Apollo 11 mission are heard.

It eventually pulls back to show the saucer section with the name USS Enterprise emblazoned on it in big letters (rather than the registry number) held in giant construction scaffolding as Leonard Nimoy says “Space…Where No Man Has Gone Before”. Dissolve to the Federation symbol glowing in blue outline whilst the original series transporter effect sound is heard and the title cards ‘Under Construction’ and ‘Christmas 2008’ are shown – no title.

The only thing revealing about the clip is that the Enterprise in this, the saucer section anyway, looks exactly like the one used in the first six Trek films. Otherwise it’s a nice trailer for Trek fans like myself but won’t pull in new people, makes no mention that its a reboot in anyway, and doesn’t show anything new for the franchise.

Certainly the only sounds coming from a packed audience at the screening I was at were mock laughter and comments like ‘nope’ or ‘pass’. The trailer itself will be online on Monday. Personally I liked it more than that, but it does absolutely nothing to rest my grave concerns over the project – its one that will either be genius or a disaster and whilst one believes in those involved in it (Abrams is a good choice, as is the casting), it’s hard not to be skeptical.