Star Trek Strike Problems

Screenwriter John August has been blogging from the picket lines of the Writer’s Guild strike and a recent entry effectively shows how the strike is impacting those films which have made it into production – most notably J.J. Abrams upcoming reinvention of “Star Trek”.

Talking with “Lost” producer Damon Lindelof who’s also producing ‘Trek’, August found out that the lack of ability to re-write certain lines and scenes is taking its toll:

“Neither J.J. nor Damon are writers on the movie. But they are writers, and WGA members. During a WGA strike, you’re not allowed to write on movies or television shows, period. So they can’t change a word of the script, nor can anyone else. The script they had at 11:59 p.m. November 5th is the script they have to shoot.

To a screenwriter, that might seem kind of awesome. For once, the director can’t change things. But when its your own movie, it’s maddening. J.J. was describing a scene he was shooting the day before. Midway through it, he got a great idea for a new line. Which he couldn’t write. Couldn’t shoot. Couldn’t be in his movie. Damon described it like having one of your superpowers taken away.”

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