Star Trek Stars Sign For Fourth Film

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto have reportedly renegotiated their deals and have been granted an option for a fourth installment in the rebooted “Star Trek” franchise at Paramount Pictures and Skydance Entertainment.

Pine is said to have scored about $6 million for the deal as the third installment of the film series begins production this week in Vancouver. The new deals are said to have added as much as $10-15 million to the film’s budget.

The raises are big jumps for the actors. Pine earned only $600,000 for the 2009 movie, $1.5 million for ‘Into Darkness’ and was originally to have been paid $3 million for the third film.

Filming on the movie will also take place in Dubai, and this week the film’s producer Dana Goldberg spoke with Collider about the hiring of “Fast Five” helmer Justin Lin on the project:

“Who knew Justin Lin was such a Star Trek fan? And he is. He met with J.J. and Lindsey Weber at Bad Robot and they fell in love with him, and brought him in to meet with us and to meet with everybody at Paramount and pitched a version of the film that we just thought ‘wow, that has huge potential.’ We’re not allowed to talk about the specifics of the film to say the least, but what we can tell you is there are some sequences that we have seen in pre-vis that are just incredible.”

Source: Heat Vision