Star Trek: Next Gen S4 Blu-ray Details

With the release next week of the third season Blu-ray of the heavily remastered and restored “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” eyes are turning towards the fourth season and lingering concerns.

The first and third season of the restoration were handled by CBS Digital who did an incredible job according to all the reviews. The second season however was handled entirely by another company, HTV Illuminate, with the plan at the time to let them do the even numbered seasons (2, 4, 6) while CBS handled the odd numbered ones.

Reviews and feedback for the second season were far less glowing. While CBS went above and beyond with their visual effects work, HTV’s efforts were decried for being decidedly sub-standard in the case of quite a few shots.

Gone was the dynamic lighting and the high-resolution planets, in its place were some shots that looked little better than the standard DVDs. Soon after the S2 release, it was revealed HTV wouldn’t be back for the fourth season.

Instead the job has gone to another company. This week, TrekCore revealed who it was – post-production house Modern Video. Modern Video has worked on several “Star Trek” shows along with current hits like “The Walking Dead” and “Sons of Anarchy”.

There’s a big difference though. While HTV was left to its own devices, CBS Digital is “remaining close at hand to help Modern reach a more balanced and consistent look.” Chief amongst these is CBS-D’s Max Gabl being brought in to handle all the planetary shots in Season 4.

Those who’ve seen footage so far from the work have raved about it, certainly it sounds like the problems of the S2 set will not be repeated.

In the meantime, check out some snazzy new caps from the S3 Blu-ray below:

Source: Trekcore