Star Trek Gets US IMAX Re-Release

Paramount’s “Star Trek” will be re-released in nearly 100 Imax locations on Friday reports Variety.

The reboot of the classic franchise has pulled together nearly $260 million since its opening in early May, making it the fifth highest grossing film of the year thus far domestically.

However its standard month-long IMAX run was cut in half due to IMAX’s commitment to screen Fox’s “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.”

With ‘Museum’, ‘Transformers’ and ‘Harry Potter’ having finished their IMAX runs, the schedule is now clear for ‘Trek’ to have two weeks of IMAX play. The film’s DVD/Blu-ray release is scheduled for November.

Though it fared a lot better than previous ‘Trek’ films have, the movie’s foreign box-office tally sits at $126 million – one of the lowest tallies of this Summer’s tentpoles.

As a comparison “Harry Potter” and “Ice Age 3” made four times as much overseas, “Transformers 2” more than three times as much, “Angels and Demons” nearly three times as much, and “Terminator Salvation” twice as much.

Thus sadly those of us living outside the US shouldn’t expect an IMAX re-release in our territories (although Hong Kong may be doing such a release).