“Star Trek: Discovery” S3 Details & Short Treks

Star Trek Discovery S3 Details Short Treks

The upcoming third season of “Star Trek: Discovery” really is going where none have gone before, the new episodes shifting the action nearly 1,000 years after the pre-Kirk era setting of the first two seasons following the events of the second season finale.

Series creator and executive producer Alex Kurtzman appeared on stage in San Diego and confirmed the third season will be set the furthest into the future ever for a “Star Trek” series, adding: “There will be things you recognize and don’t recognize…They have big problems… there will be lots and lots of huge changes in Season 3, there will be things you recognize, things you don’t recognize. Part of the fun is that we get honor canon but shake it up hugely.”

Indeed they confirm that things didn’t go as planned when Discovery went through the wormhole to the distant future, and it’s suggested the crew might start out the season separated and certainly not where they anticipated. In addition, “Supergirl” actor David Ajala has joined the regular cast of the new season as Cleveland ‘Book’ Booker, a rule-breaker who appears early on.

No premiere date was revealed for the third season, but a new trailer was released for the next batch of “Short Treks” – three of them following Captain Pike’s Enterprise crew from the second season, two to be animated, and one which will serve as a tease for “Star Trek: Picard”.

Kurtzman once again hinted that Captain Pike, Number One, and Spock may get a show of their own but made no official announcement about the possibility even as all the actors have expressed excitement over the possibility.