“Star Trek: Discovery” Adds Armor, Ditches Rule

The upcoming “Star Trek: Discovery” is making two key changes to “Star Trek” lore and both of them are essentially for the better.

The first is the ditching of Gene Roddenberry’s long-standing rule which has long frustrated many writers on the show – to avoid having Starfleet crew members in serious conflict with each other.

In Roddenberry’s idyllic utopian future, the human race was in conflict with others but rarely with itself. Some ‘Trek’ cleverly worked around this rule (eg. alien possession). “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” effectively ignored it by incorporating numerous alien and non-Starfleet characters into its main cast.

The rule is being lifted altogether though from the upcoming “Star Trek: Discovery”. Showrunners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg have confirmed that the rule will not apply on the new series and explain to EW why they’ve made the change:

Harberts: “We’re trying to do stories that are complicated, with characters with strong points of view and strong passions. People have to make mistakes — mistakes are still going to be made in the future. We’re still going to argue in the future.”

Berg: “The rules of Starfleet remain the same. But while we’re human or alien in various ways, none of us are perfect.”

Harberts: “The thing we’re taking from Roddenberry is how we solve those conflicts. So we do have our characters in conflict, we do have them struggling with each other, but it’s about how they find a solution and work through their problems.”

The magazine also has a new photo (see above) of the transporter room of the U.S.S. Shenzou which shows off one other big change – Starfleet officers will don tactical armor on away missions.

“Star Trek: Discovery” is set to kick off on September 24th on CBS All Access in the United States and Netflix around much of the rest of the world.