Star Trek Delayed Five Months

Paramount is undergoing a bit of a shake-up in its schedule reports Variety.

The most notable change is that J.J. Abrams big-budget “Star Trek” feature is being delayed a full five months from Christmas 2008 to May 8th 2009 with the studio citing that the new date has far more profitability.

This isn’t the first delay like this, soon after the writer’s strike began Sony Pictures similarly delayed is ‘Da Vinci Code’ sequel “Angels & Demons” from December 18th 2008 to May 15th 2009. Unlike that production however, ‘Trek’ is through much of its shooting already.

Still, this is one of the few occasions where a delay of this magnitude can actually be seen as a good thing.

The new date makes a lot more sense from various perspectives, not the least of which is that nothing else has been scheduled to open that week.

The new date allows more time for exposure and publicity to sell the public on the idea of a Trek reinvention, and gives plenty of time for any necessary reshooting.

Abrams and crew previously admitted that they wanted to make changes to the script during the production, but the strike hampered their ability to do so. In spite of the extra cost that may ensue, the delay gives them some good leeway to fix those problems.