Star Trek Beyond BTS Pics Show Alien

Production is currently underway in Vancouver on the Justin Lin-directed “Star Trek Beyond” for Paramount Pictures and Screen Crush has posted some excellent pics of some outdoor green screen filming that took place.

The shots include “Kingsman: The Secret Service” star Sofia Boutella in heavy white and black alien make-up along with cast members Chris Pine, Simon Pegg and Anton Yelchin sporting new Starfleet uniforms.

The surprise is Boutella’s character doesn’t appear to belong to an existing “Star Trek” race which would seem to follow the plan to tackle new adventures and aliens rather than rely on old existing subplots and story threads – something “Star Trek Into Darkness” did to its detriment.

The photos are actually screen captures from a video, a video that Paramount’s lawyers have since taken down. You can still find the photos though over at Screen Crush where the article’s author has said they acquired the photos legally and are within their rights to host.

The film is currently targeting a July 8th 2016 release.