“Star Trek: Axanar” Lawsuit Has Been Settled

“Star Trek” rights holders CBS and Paramount have settled their copyright suit against Alec Peters over the planned fan film “Star Trek: Axanar”.

Peters solicited money on crowdfunding sites and hired professionals to make a YouTube short and a script of a planned feature film focused on a fictional event – a Starfleet captain’s victory in a war with the Klingon Empire – referenced in the original 1960s Gene TV series.

News of the lawsuit brought mixed emotions, including fear, amongst “Star Trek” fans as CBS and Paramount sued after decades of turning a blind eye to fan-made works. Upon widespread concern caused by the lawsuit, the companies issued “guidelines” so fans can stay legally in bounds with amateur productions.

“Axanar” will still go forward, but will just look different according to the statement: “Axanar and Mr. Peters have agreed to make substantial changes to Axanar to resolve this litigation, and have also assured the copyright holders that any future Star Trek fan films produced by Axanar or Mr. Peters will be in accordance with the ‘Guidelines for Fan Films’ distributed by CBS and Paramount in June 2016.”

Source: THR Esq