Star Trek 3 Script Talk, TV Spin-Off Rumors

Further comments have emerged from British actor/writer Simon Pegg in regards to the upcoming third film in the rebooted “Star Trek” franchise. Pegg and Doug Jung are working on the screenplay for the film which Justin Lin (“Fast Five”) is slated to direct.

Speaking with Den of Geek this past week about the trailer release of “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation,” Pegg admits the responsibility of this job is terrifying. Yet he says he hasn’t bothered with keeping any of the previous version of the script that Roberto Orci was involved in:

“No. It’s completely new. I haven’t read Bob (Orci)’s script and they didn’t want us to. So we went back to the drawing board. We had creative meetings with Justin and there were things he wanted in there.

I haven’t written like this before. I’ve never been a custodian of something, it’s usually mine what I’m writing. Whereas with this, you’re given a bunch of stuff — ‘Look we want this in it and this in it.’ Or Justin will say — he’s got an amazing visual mind, Justin. He’s great at that kind of choreography. So he’ll say, ‘What if this happens?’ So Doug and I go, ‘Okay, right, let’s try and get that into it.’ So it’s an interesting process.

In other Trek-related news, a report from late last week that “Star Trek” may be coming back to television has been shot down.

Latino Review posted the report which suggested that CBS is looking into getting the franchise back on television with the help of some of the team (including Bryan Singer) behind a ten year old pitch named “Star Trek: Federation”.

That pitch got around the reboot/pre-reboot timeline issues by being set centuries after both the reboot and TNG/DS9-era. At that point the Federation has become complacent and essentially reduced to a mere peacekeeping force as all the Alpha Quadrant major races had embraced peace to the extent of re-ordering their socities. A young Alexander Kirk soon becomes the only hope for all of them surviving a major new threat.

Shortly after it was published, io9 got in touch with Robert Meyer Burnett, who was a part of that old pitch, to discuss the new rumor.

He says some of the details of the report are true, but the main thrust – that CBS is working on a new Trek show – isn’t as far as he’s aware. Meyer would know as well, he’s been responsible for the great special features onboard CBS’ Blu-ray remasters of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” in recent years and so has been in regular contact with CBS regarding Trek:

“All of the FEDERATION information is true…but we did that TEN YEARS AGO. The treatment was written but effectively killed when JJ took over. It never went further than the treatment…and no one ever pitched it…and I don’t know if Geoffrey wrote a full script.

While I have been working on AXANAR [a fan-made Trek webseries], and we are building sets, etc,…I know NOTHING about a new CBS Trek series. As for currently working on something with Skydance? NO COMMENT (but if I WERE, it is NOT related to TREK in any way).”

“Star Trek 3” is slated to go into production this Summer.