Star Trek 3 Filming & Story Details Emerge

It certainly looks like production on a third “Star Trek” is gearing up. Following comments from Zachary Quinto earlier this week that shooting would begin sometime early in 2015, several other indicators appear to have confirmed that news.

First up, Deadline reports that the film’s writer and likely director Roberto Orci has had to drop out of serving as the executive producer of the big screen “Power Rangers” reboot due to a scheduling conflict with his “Star Trek 3” obligations. Lionsgate reportedly has no plans to change the ‘Rangers’ current July 22nd 2016 release date.

Then comes word from Trek Movie who claims to have a source within the production and even a rough start of shooting date – February 15th 2015. According to them, the third film in the series will begin years after the events of “Star Trek Into Darkness”. Specifically it’s scheduled to take place several years into the crew’s proposed five year mission.

The story will serve as a stand-alone episode from the many adventures that would have taken place over the course of this time. While Earth played an important role in the previous two films, it will not be visited at all during the course of the movie.

Preproduction and pre-vis effects work is reportedly already underway, even though the film has not been officially green lit by Paramount at this point and won’t be until a budget is finalised.