Stapleton, Day-Lewis Up For “Star Wars”?

Sullivan Stapleton and Daniel Day Lewis are the latest names linked to the casting rumor mill regarding the upcoming “Star Wars: Episode VII”.

Both rumors hail from Latino Review who says that “Animal Kingdom” and “Strike Back” star Stapleton has gone in to read for an undetermined part in the film.

One problem though, he’s apparently upset some Lucasfilm and Disney executives by talking about it.

The Day Lewis talk is decidedly more sketchy, it comes down to the Oscar winning actor being spotted having lunch with George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy last week in San Rafael. Nothing more than that.

Lest you think all the ‘Wars’ casting rumors can all be dismissed out of hand, one of the recently rumored names said to be up for the film has confirmed the talk.

“Hanna” and “The Host” actress Saoirse Ronan confirmed to Sky News that she auditioned for the film, but added “so has everyone”.