Stanton Updates “John Carter of Mars”

Director Andrew Stanton (“Wall-E”) confirms that the film adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “John Carter of Mars” is still very much in the midst of production and a good year of work is still to come.

“I’m not in post-production – I’m in digital principal photography now, which goes on for the rest of 2011, so I’m only halfway through the movie” he explains to MTV News. Asked about the film’s look, he says “I didn’t try to make it look like anything else. I really tried to make it its own thing. I tried to make a very historically accurate Martian film if that makes sense, so I’ll let you decipher that.”

The story follows Civil War veteran John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) who becomes a great hero on Mars, and its a live-action shoot mixed with a lot of computer animation. This was Stanton’s first non-animated film and he seemed to like the challenge – “When you’ve made animated movies your whole life, it was pretty exciting to be outside for a day, let alone for months,” said Stanton, a fixture at Pixar. “For as cold and as hot and as hard as it was, which I knew it would be, I was up for it and it was a blast. It was the hardest thing I’ll ever have done, but man, it was a great adventure. It was like sailing across the ocean, you know, everything that goes with that.”

“John Carter of Mars” is currently scheduled for a March 9th 2012 release.