Stallone Talks John Rambo Ambitions

Talking with the Italian press on the set of his upcoming sequel “John Rambo,” actor/director Sylvester Stallone talked in detail about how he came up with the idea for the story on the $50 million actioneer.

Stallone says “The success of my last Rocky film offered Rambo a second life. I rewatched the previous films and I wondered, what is the current war today which goes by most unnoticed – those which immortalize genocides and violence and create mal-adjusted persons, rebels, mercenaries to wreck any peace ideal? I met war correspondents; I read a lot! Everyone that I interviewed answered me: there is a terrible political, social, religious war in Burma.”

So what did he do? “I went there, I crossed the country and I wrote this story.” Of course twenty years have passed and politics have changed, how will that be addressed? “Rambo was always apolitical, the others used him for subversive purposes. I continue to make my movies based on social realism. In the film, there is not a word against the USA. I want to speak about country, the truth for people of all races or classes. At the beginning of the film this man speaks once again against all wars -nobody ever walks away victorious from the horror of a conflict…The world is in the chaos because of these wars.”

For the full article (albeit in Italian), click here.