Stallone Talks His Initial “Creed” Reluctance

When “Rocky Balboa” came out back in 2006, Sylvester Stallone made it fairly clear that he was retiring the character from the big screen after six outings. Now, not quite a decade later, Rocky unexpectedly makes it back to the big screen with the spin-off film “Creed” opening late November.

Speaking with The Los Angeles Times recently, Stallone admits he initially was reluctant to sign on to the project: “I was dead set against it… I just didn’t ever see taking this character into this realm. Finally my agent said, ‘For a guy who played Rocky, you’re kind of a chicken.”

The way to do it effectively was to have Stallone in essentially the Burgess Meredith trainer role from the original “Rocky,” fitting considering that 69-year-old Stallone is the same age Meredith was in the 1976 film. Stallone admits his love of the character was also a part of his reluctance, but ultimately he realised the character doesn’t really belong to him anymore but rather everyone who has been inspired by Rocky over the years.

He also likes using the character to explore things none of his other characters get to do: “There are certain things I’m allowed to say through Rocky that I can’t say through Rambo or anyone else. Rocky is very preachy. He’s just always talking. That’s what Rocky really is: a springboard for the way I see life or wish life was.”

“Creed” is slated to open November 25th.