Spy Kids 4 Set To Stink… Literally

Another year, another gimmick. With 3D not enough to get the kids to multiplexes any more, Robert Rodriguez is going on the offensive with a new one – or rather the revival of a really old one. Smell-o-vision.

According to USA Today, audiences attending “Spy Kids: All the Time in the World 4D” will be handed a numbered, color-coded scent card which they must swipe (IPhone style) when prompted on screen. As a reward, they’ll get a scent pertaining to the action on screen. Rodriguez is calling it “Aromascope”.

A century ago attempts were made to create such a gimmick – the results were a bit of a disaster. John Waters had more success in the early 80’s with his film “Polyester” which also employed the scratch-and-sniff cards that ‘Kids’ is essentially adopting. The film itself opens August 19th.