Spring Breakers Gets An Alternate Cut?

Filmmaker Harmony Korine is reportedly preparing an alternate cut of “Spring Breakers” for distributor A24.

Having already raked in $31 million from a $5 million budget, Korine tells The L.A. Times he’s considering a new film using alternate footage shot during production – something akin to the “Wake Up Ron Burgundy” feature made of “Anchorman” off-cuts. Korine says:

“I had this idea. With music remixes sometimes, when certain producers take a song and chop them up and deconstruct them – why not try that with a feature film? Using all different footage, making the same film all over again.

Let’s just say for right now there’ll be a whole alternate film at some point. Maybe on the DVD, maybe on iTunes. It’ll be the first chopped and screwed movie. The film has been sizzurped. The ghost of DJ Screw came back and edited the film. it’s going to be an interesting experiment”

Source: The L.A. Times