Spotnitz On X-Files DVD, Future

iF Magazine got talking with “The X-Files: I Want to Believe” producer Frank Spotnitz over the weekend about the movie post-release and future plans for both the DVD and franchise.

Will there be a longer version of the film on DVD? “Yes, the unrated version is, not surprisingly, more graphic than the theatrical version. We’re not talking about tons of gore, but I have to say it is more upsetting than the PG-13 version” says Spotnitz.

Spotnitz also confirmed that there were a few deleted scenes, but “nothing we missed or felt would make the movie better.” Amongst the scenes missing are “another scene with Scully, Father Joe and Christian, another scene with the girl in the box, and a variation on the scene after Mulder’s car crashes”.

Is “The X-Files” over? “I’ve always said I thought The X-Files could go on forever, provided there was an audience that wanted to see those stories. We’ll see.”