Spoiler Details About “Suicide Squad”?

Rumors continue to swirl regarding director David Ayer’s upcoming film adaptation of the DC Comics title “Suicide Squad”. Latino Review has a new scoop which talks about the involvement of both Lex Luthor and The Joker in the film, and offers further details on the character of Rick Flagg.


First up, The Joker will apparently be seen early on as Harley Quinn attempts to break him out of Arkham. He is later moved to Belle Reve by Amanda Waller in order to keep Harley in check. He then spends most of the film in a Hannibal Lecter-style cell until he breaks out at the end during a prison riot, killing several people in the process.

Lex Luthor is tipped to be the team’s target here, or rather a human trafficking gang intent on selling him a piece of bio weaponry – The Enchantress. She is being kept in an underground area of the prison which is filled with genetic freaks. As a result there’s no guarantee Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex will even make an appearance in this as he’s more an off screen macguffin of sorts.

The report also talks about Rick Flagg’s role in the film and drops a potential major twist. It seems he starts out the film as a good guy, more government agent than superhero, who is tasked with keeping an eye on Amanda Waller. The twist? Flagg is revealed to be a villain in cahoots with his father Rick Flagg Snr. with the duo keen on getting their hands on Waller’s weapons.

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