Spike Lee Eyed For Sony & Marvel’s “Nightwatch”

We know of “Venom” and “Silver and Black,” now there’s reports of a third “Spider-Man” spin-off film in the planning stages at Sony Pictures – “Nightwatch”.

In fact, Jeff Sneider of Meet The Movie Press says the studio already has “Now You See Me” screenwriter Ed Ricourt working on the script and have a high-profile director in mind to helm the tale – none other than Spike Lee.

First appearing in comics in 1993, Nightwatch is Doctor Kevin Trench who witnesses a costumed man die battling terrorists armed with invisibility cloaking devices. He unmasks the corpse, only to see it is an older version of himself.

Taking the costume, he first flees then decides to investigate its origins. The suit, which is very similar to that of “Spawn” which has led to claims of “Nightwatch” being a ripoff, boasts nanotech to repair itself and has increased strength and durability.

Sneider says he’s ‘very confident’ in the report, but it remains very much rumor for now.