Spike Jonze Won’t Make Films For A While

Spike Jonze is stepping away from filmmaking for a while it seems as the acclaimed “Her” and “Being John Malkovich” director is busy getting ready to launch a new 24-hour cable channel dubbed ‘Viceland’.

Jonze is overseeing aspects of the new channel from development to production to brand identity. Asked whether he was on hiatus from making movies until further notice, Jonze tells Deadline:

“Right now, this is all I’ve been doing over the last year. It’s just a different type of film for me. Making a whole channel and working with artists is what I’m currently excited about. Making a movie is a different organism. Normally a movie comes out, and with this channel debuting on February 29, it’s only going to begin.”

The channel will include a number of sociopolitical shows created by rising documentary filmmakers and established talent, such as an Ellen Page-hosted travel show named “Gaycation” about LGBT issues and communities around the globe. Other programs include “F–k That’s Delicious,” “Weediquette,” “Balls Deep,” “Flophouse,” “Noisey,” “Huang’s World” and “Fashion Week International”.