Spierig Brothers To Direct “Winchester”

Following on from their upcoming time travel thriller “Predestination,” Australian filmmakers Michael and Peter Spierig have set up their next project – the period supernatural thriller “Winchester” at Hammer Films.

The story follows Sarah Winchester, the widow of famed gun magnate William Wirt Winchester. After the sudden deaths of her husband and child, Sarah began to believe she was cursed by the family legacy.

She was instructed by a spiritualist medium to begin constructing a Gothic mansion to appease the spirits. The job began in 1884 and didn’t stop until her death on September 5th 1922.

Today the still standing house consists of approximately 160 rooms, including doors and stairways that lead nowhere.

The Spierigs will rewrite Tom Vaughan’s earlier draft and will film the project on location at the house itself in San Jose, the first movie to ever film inside there.

Source: Deadline