Spielberg’s Cold War Film Gets A Title

Steven Spielberg’s previously untitled and already completed Cold War thriller appears to have finally found a name. The Playlist reports that screenwriter Marc Platt has revealed in an interview that the project will be called “Bridge of Spies”.

Tom Hanks plays a lawyer who was pushed headfirst into the Cold War during the 1960s when he had to negotiate for the release of downed U2 spy plane pilot Gary Powers after the airman was shot down over Russia.

The title refers to Glienicke Bridge which connected the divided East and West Germany at the time in which the film is set. Matt Charman and the Coen Brothers penned the script while John Williams has also come onboard as the film’s composer

The film is currently slated for a UK release on October 9th, other countries are expected to get the film on or around that time as well.