Spielberg Wants Bay For “Transformers 4”

While Michael Bay has previously said he won’t be coming back for a fourth “Transformers” film, series producer Steven Spielberg tells EW (via /Film that he hopes he will.

“I hope so, because I think he made the best of the three with this last one. I certainly can’t imagine anybody other than Michael being equipped to make another ‘Transformers.’ He’s invented a genre and he’s got the secret formula” said Spielberg.

Bay has previously said he’d consider it but wants to make his small budget feature “Pain and Gain” first – “I’m going to do a tiny movie first, then we’ll talk about it, if I potentially do it.”

Spielberg was also quickly asked about a fifth “Indiana Jones”. The filmmaker said “it’s up to George. We have already agreed on the genre of the fifth movie, we already have a concept in mind. I don’t know where George is with the story. There is no Indy 5 until George says there is.”