Spielberg Talks “Tintin” Sequel Status

Steven Spielberg has confirmed that the next “The Adventures Of Tintin” movie is still chugging along with Spielberg producing and Peter Jackson directing.

Spielberg says performance capture will likely start around the end of the year. It sounds like it will be after Jackson completes additional “Hobbit” filming mid-year and wraps the post-production on the second film.

“Tintin” requires only a month or so of mo-cap filming, but well over a year of post-production, so much of the latter process can be done while Jackson’s attention is turned towards editing and finishing up post on the third “Hobbit” throughout 2014.

Spielberg says they have also selected which of the just over two dozen books they plan to adapt:

We have a script and we’re going to start performance capture probably at the end of this year. Don’t hold me to it, but we’re hoping the film will come out around Christmas-time in 2015.

We know which books we’re making, we can’t share that now but we’re combining two books which were always intended to be combined by Herge.

Asked if that two-parter would be the “Cigars of the Pharaoh”/”The Blue Lotus” double, Spielberg denied but said that could potentially be the third film.

Which leaves only two possibilities – “The Seven Crystal Balls”/”Prisoners of the Sun” or “Destination Moon”/”Explorers on the Moon”. The former has always been seen as the most likely possibility, though would require some reshuffling in the early scenes so as to establish Professor Calculus’ character who didn’t appear in the first film.

Source: The India Times