Spielberg Talks “Ready Player One,” Indy 5

At last report, it looked as if the fifth “Indiana Jones” film would effectively be a reboot with Chris Pratt rumored to be taking over the role of the iconic archaeologist. However all those involved in the film over the past year or two have basically said there’s no rush to get another “Indiana Jones” film out and no real development or decision either way regarding the franchise’s future.

This weekend though, out doing promotion for “Bridge of Spies,” filmmaker Steven Spielberg revealed to Yahoo! Movies that he wants to make one more ‘Jones’ film with Harrison Ford in the role. The reveal came almost jokingly during a talk of his work with actors and how both Ford and Tom Hanks have now made four films with him each:

“Now, I’ll probably do an Indy 5 with Harrison, [so] it’ll be five for Harrison, four for Tom… I’ve got to make another one with Tom, that’ll be five for Tom, five for Harrison. And I think I’m going to leapfrog that way for the rest of my career. With Daniel Day-Lewis in everything else.”

Spielberg’s next directorial effort is the film adaptation of Ernest Cline’s 1980s-worshipping sci-fi novel “Ready Player One” which is set in the year 2044 and follows a teenage gamer on a quest to find an Easter egg hidden inside a virtual reality universe.

As the story is set in the 1980s, there’s countless references to Spielberg’s work in the book. Talking with USA Today though, the filmmaker says he intends to leave most of the references to his own work out: “I’m not making this movie to remind people of my ’80s movies. I may leave most of them out.” Asked why he wanted to tackle the property, he says:

“[It feels like] a crystal ball into exactly what is going to be happening not in 30 or 40 years but in between five and ten years from now, where a virtual world becomes almost like a drug of choice and where we are spending more time in a nonorganic space than we are breathing and eating and interacting in real life.

This movie is going to show why it’s interesting not living in the real world but what we’re missing by not…. It’s a cautionary tale but it’s also a big rockin’ adventure movie, too.”

Filming on “Ready Player One” begins next summer for release on December 15th 2017.