Spielberg Talks Indiana & Tintin

Last week a certain stunning redhead at Paramount Pictures gave me the chance to join a small group of select sites to visit the set of the fourth “Indiana Jones” and talk with Steven Spielberg.

It was an offer that I had to painfully turn down being presently half a world away in Sydney and undergoing some difficult and several months long physical therapy (those wondering why some sections of the site have fallen behind this past month, that is why).

Well some fellow colleagues of mine (many of whom are good friends), from the likes of JoBlo, AICN, CHUD, Coming Soon, Latino Review, IGN, Slashfilm and IESB.Net were able to attend and scored some new spoiler details:

– Production will wrap by the end of today.

-Despite the current trend to shoot digital, Spielberg shot this all on film and plans to cut it that way as well.

-He’s also not a big fan of current quick cut MTV-style editing of most action films, saying “I’m not going to change my style”.

– Visual effects wise 70% will be practical and about 30% will be digital.

-The Russians do serve as the villains, and “from the film’s opening shot you can immediately tell who these villains are and why.” Spileberg hired Russian actors to ensure accuracy of their accents.

-Poster artist Drew Struzan will return to do the film’s poster artwork – the first due for release next month.

-Michael Kahn is returning as editor, and of course John Williams is scoring again.

-George Lucas visited the set eight times during production will have a pass at editing once Spielberg finishes his own cut. Once Lucas finishes his cut, Spielberg looks it over and if he doesn’t agree with a change by Lucas he will go back to his own cut.

-Harrison Ford is doing most of his own stunts again.

-Don’t expect a limited re-release of the original trilogy in theatres before this one opens.

-Spielberg is confirmed to be directing one “Tintin” film, Jackson another, and if a third director is not found they will co-direct the last.

-The “Tintin” films will be shot entirely with motion-capture technology, each filmmaker will shoot 30 days of motion-capture – Spielberg in the US and Jackson in New Zealand.

-They’re trying to get “Transformers 2” going pre-strike, but if that doesn’t happen then it’ll be held until after negotiations are settled. The story treatment will be handed in next week.