Spielberg Planning Contemporary Chinese Film

Steven Spielberg is reportedly interested in teaming with filmmaker Zhang Yimou (“Hero,” “Raise The Red Lantern”) for an international Chinese film.

Spielberg tells the China Daily newspaper: “I would like to make a movie in China with my dear friend. We would work together on an international film that could take place in China. I made ‘Empire of the Sun’ in Shanghai in the 1980s and want to come back one day to make a movie in China.”

Zhang is currently said to be considering a musical adaptation of Victor Hugo’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” for Warner Bros. Pictures.

He’s also set to direct an adaptation of Yan Geling’s novel “The Criminal Lu Yanshi” about an intellectual who is forced into marriage, flees to America and on his return to China is sent to a labor camp.

Source: Variety